Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday Heels

When I saw this skirt at a local Good Will last weekend, I just had to scoop it up. Sure it was a size too small, and sure it would make my hips look big, but the pattern was just so fun. I have a love hate relationship with A line skirts. I love them for their comfort and their shape. They make my hips look smaller, but A line skirts also tend to make my legs look shorter. It's a dilemma that most women face, but when your legs are almost 4 feet long themselves, having stumpy looking legs creates a very odd looking image. Even still I brought the skirt to the dressing room and crossed my fingers. I loved the feel, and it zipped up with ease. It was when I saw the Banana Republic $40 tag still attached to the label though, that I knew I couldn't pass it up. I paid a great $6 for the dress.

I thought Monday would be a good debut day, since I could pair the skirt with my nude heels and give me legs a little extra lift. These are some Micheal Koors nude heels that I picked up in Boston last year. Their $20 price tag made them a great find. Their Koors label made them impossible to pass up. I have found lots of opportunities to wear them. Nude is great for helping to give the illusion on extra long legs making the transition from shoe to clothing almost seem less.

I decided to pair the skirt with my brown shirt immediately and naturally. They are the same tone so I knew it would work. As I walked around work though I started thinking of how else I could wear it. I decided that royal purple with some riding boots would transition the dress into fall. Sandals and a cardigan would help me bring it back out in spring, and while we're still in summer I will enjoy it's shape with tight fitting shirts. With already 3 seasons covered, I've gotten more than $6 out of the skirt already.

Sure I'm an adult, but who can resist giving just a little twirl in their new princess skirt? Even the biggest of Princess' has to know how to party once in a while.

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