Monday, June 01, 2009

Patterned Pick-me-up

Since creating a fashion blog, I've been able to learn a lot about myself. The biggest lesson? How often I rely on certain pieces or colors. I pick out my clothes each night, but it isn't until you start taking pictures and getting to see them all lined up that you get a chance to acknowledge something you may not have already known. For me, the
most recent lesson is that I tend to stay away from patterns. There is no real reason for it lately. I have patterned tops, bottoms and shoes, but for some reason, my go to's
are always colors. I just love combining different color combinations and for awhile I seemed to enjoy the challenge of taking solid color options and making them work, instead of cheating with a patterned piece. Looking through my last few blog entries however, I have found that I rarely wear patterned pieces. I know some people stay away from patterns for fear of their emphasizing body parts they'd rather hide, but for the most part I don't fit into this category. I own lots of patterned pieces, I just hardly take them out of my closet. Not this week however. With the weather becoming warmer and warmer, now is the perfect time to throw on some bright floral, crazy stripes and fun patterns. Starting with this great shirt. My mom, *cough* I mean Santa gifted me this shirt 2 Christmas's ago and it has hardly seen the light of day. It has a flowey feel in the front which is perfect for 'fat days', or day's when I want to look maternity. Thus the reason why it hardly comes out. Who enjoys being asked how far along they are? Well this shirt was bright in color and combined with my cardigan it helped to keep me peppy on an otherwise hectic day. It did elicit one pregnancy question, from a co-worker who sees me every day none the less, but he's 80 so I chalked it up to him being an old man who feels the world owes him the ability to speak what's on his mind. And I'm not pregnant for the record.

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Anna said...

Oh, one of my coworkers always used to ask if I was pregnant whenever I wore a flowy shirt. Finally, I told him, "No, I'm just fat." He stopped asking after that.