Friday, May 22, 2009

Rock It Piece

After the lovely Tina over at T minus, T plus ( started talking about accessories that are a bit harder to wear, but worth the challenge, I decided to break out some of my own pieces that need a little extra help "Rocking It". This necklace is another Lia Sophia find. I just loved the brown stones next to the royal blue beads, but ordered the necklace out of the catalog without ever getting to see it in person. The color's are just as beautiful as I had expected, and I love how Lia Sophia always uses circles to add a little bit of pizazz. What I didn't love however was the odd length of the necklace. It is too short to be a longer chain necklace and too long to fall like a typical necklace. I knew when I put this shirt on though, that the lower V neck would work well with my necklace. My brown trousers and flats are a weekly favorite of mine. I have to be ready to jump up and move at any time and the comfort these pants and shoes offer, with the professional look, just can't be topped. I put the necklace on one of the first clasps making it shorter than usual, but it fell just perfectly along my tank top line.
Tina's right. We all have some sort of accessory in our closet that may need a little extra attention, but what better challenge is there than to take pieces you aren't necessarily sure of how to wear and make them work!

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Anonymous said...

I have this same necklace!! It was a Christmas Gift back in 2007 from my man's mom. I had kind of forgotten about it - need to get it out and wear it because it is definitely pretty! Happy Weekend!