Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Manly Office Wear

The more engulfed in my new position I become, the more I find it important to have clothes that are professional looking and comfortable at the same time. I have a few Polo's hanging in my closet ready for our various golfing trips, but they don't get much wear outside of the course. As I stood in my closet contemplating what to wear I couldn't help but think, why don't I wear these more often? The reason they work so well on the golf course and at the country club is because they are conservative and comfortable and they look professional. The trick now, is finding ways to work them into my day-to-day wardrobe. This shirt is a polo I bought at Target for $2. Oh the love of a clearance item. It is a little baggy in the front which is great for the course, but makes me look a bit boxy in terms of normal wear. I decided that the only way to wear a baggy shirt is with a tighter fitting layer to help even out the appearance. This sweater was a great choice from there. When a local clothing store was going out of business, I took advantage of their 75% off everything in the store and stocked up on all of the cardigans and sweaters they have to offer. I had worked for the company for a few years so I didn't even try most of it on, I just grabbed everything and ran. I was a little disappointed to discover that some of their material choices had changed, meaning their clothes ran a little smaller. Since most of the items were sweaters, the small size works just fine for layering and I've been able to wear them all even still. The tightness of this cardigan ( I couldn't button it up even if I tried) worked well with the loose-ness of the polo. Adding a few colorful pieces seemed like the next logical step. I completely believe in taking 'manly' pieces of wardrobe such as khaki's, polo's and button downs and adding a little feminine touch to make them professionally girly.

These shoes were my first pair of boat shoes for the season. I just loved their color and couldn't beat their $10 price tag. This was their third wear out of the house. The first weekend I got them I wore them twice in 2 days and was so astounded by just how comfortable they were. What didn't astound me however was the hole that was beginning to form in the corner. Because I had worn them for those few days I didn't feel right about returning them, and I hope I will be able to find some way to repair them. The leather ties was just too strong for the material and seems to have ripped out. I'm hoping to add a few extra stitches and get them back to new. I'm not sure my efforts will be worth it. Even with the hole, their comfort is undeniable, and the pink is such a great color that I continue to wear them. A manly blue outfit needs a touch of pink in any form you can find.

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