Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Monday Heels

I felt the need to keep Monday's outfit simple. I knew it was my one chance to wear heels for the work week, but I had 2 finals Monday night which meant tons of walking, and needing to be comfortable. A simple t-shirt and jeans was the winner. In an attempt to follow my " no cardigans for a week' challenge, I wore nothing over my t-shirt. Normally I would throw on a white cardigan, or one with a fun print to add a little something. I was warm enough all day, and the color of the shirt was a lot more prevalent without the extra layers. After looking at the pictures, I have discovered that I need to never take pictures in this twisted way. It emphasizes my hips, and they don't need be emphasized anymore. I also need to apologize for my facial expression in this picture. I woke up feeling fine, but by the time I got home that evening I could feel the bacteria in the back of my throat rapidly multiplying. Slippers, hoodie and soup quickly followed bringing my face back from Zombie to tired.

My heel choice for the day was fun, but comfortable. I grabbed these Wedges from a Wal-mart about a year ago for $5. I love them. They are a dark, worn navy color but have these silver sequin stars on them. They always add a bit of fun to an otherwise simple outfit.

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