Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Epic Failure

Today's outfit was a complete and total failure.

The thinking was there. With cardigans out for a few more days, this sweater would help keep warm on a rainy day. To give the sweater a little bit more of a pop, I added a collared shirt. I matched my turquoise necklace with my teal boat shoes to add some color, but spacing the color out to make them both interesting additions. It was 15 minutes after I had left the house that I knew the thinking wasn't enough to make a great outfit. The sweater fits wrong. It is a baggy sweater hiding my shape. The color of the sweater is too similar to the color of my skirt. The collared shirt has lots of great detailing on it. The details run vertically and is ruffled and raised. Alone the detailing is great, but under a thin sweater, every detail can be seen. Suddenly my boobs look like they are wearing Madonna's infamous cone bra. This sweater will need to be folded and put into the winter box. It will be great as a layering piece to go under jackets, but on it's own it's simply not a great piece. Lesson learned. Most times I would simply mark today as a non-blogging kind of day. Instead I wanted to make sure I included pictures so I could remind myself of the lesson. Sometimes basic thinking isn't enough to make an outfit work. Some pieces just don't work with others, and sometimes you won't know that until you give them a try.

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Mary said...

I totally get what you mean! I am having the exact same kind of day... but everyone has to, once in a while :)