Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Grandma's Couch

Johnny and I celebrated our anniversary last week. We decided to go out to a fancy dinner, and I knew this dress would be perfect. I got it at Wal-mart for $3 just the week before. I wish I had taken a closer picture because I just love the details on the dress. The colors aren't my favorite, mostly because they bring me back to the 70's. The dress however doesn't have a vintage feel. The back is a little lower making it a little risque. The belt came with the dress, and it was built to sit on the wait. I found that on my waist however, the belt accented my hips and that was not the look I was ex actually going for. I took the belt out of the loops and slide it up a bit to the middle of my torso. Much better. I don't yet have a tripod, so a bookcase served as a camera steadying tool for these photos. I think that's partly why the images are so horrible. Plus the angle is up instead of straight on, which does nothing to flatter a person.

Johnny hates photos. And I means hates being in photos. I convinced him to smile pretty for one for our anniversary though. Of course that one photo, wasn't so good, but our only one of the night so It'll do.

We had agreed we weren't going to exchange gifts, but I always try to do something even still. My project this year was actually really simple. I stopped at Wal-mart one evening and purchased on of those 2 year pocket calenders. We've been together for 2 years, so I decided to decorate each month in stickers, words and a little story about something special that we did on that month. Last October for example we took a trip to Boston our first year together, so October 2010 I decorated with fish stickers ( for the aquarium) and I wrote about some of my favorite moments from our trip. The plastic cover they all come in just slips right on and off the actual calendar itself, so I decorated the actual cardboard cover with some decorative paper and gave it a title, than slipped it back into the plastic.

There were some months that I just couldn't recall anything special we had done, so I took those months and wrote about the different things I love about him. It ended up working out that while every month has some sort of colorful decorations, some months were mostly stickers and others were mostly words. I know that he will never actually use this calendar for anything other than a great reminder of how great the last 2 years have been. My craft box is always full of colored markers and stickers as well as a few other tools that came in handy for this project. I did stop by the sticker section when I picked up the calendar and grabbed some extra stickers that were relevant for us. The fish stickers were one, I grabbed one full of hearts and some stickers of camping tents and trees. In total I grabbed 5 sheets of stickers, all at $1 a piece, and only used a few off of each sheet so the rest went right into the box for the next project. The calendar cost $2.50. For under $10 and an hour of time I was able to put together a great anniversary gift for my love. It was simple to make, he really appreciated it, and I enjoyed spending some time reminiscing on all of the things we've gotten to do.

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bare.peppermint.fashions said...

that is such a cute present! that's really sweet. :)

and i really wanted those shoes in black too but they didn't have them in my size. but i think my brown ones will go with enough things in my closet. i hope you enjoy yours! :)