Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dress Code

A few things are changing at work. We have a couple of audits coming up, and have used the opportunity to crack down on a few things. In general the plant managers have been extremely lenient with employee attire, but with food safety regulations getting increasingly tighter, the audits offered a great opportunity to make some changes. The biggest of them, as far as most of the employees are concerned is the loss of hats. Unless the hat is Food Safety certified, and belongs to the company, it can not be worn. Most of the guys I work with wear baseball caps and they all seem to be pretty depressed over the idea of having to show their thinning hair. We all have to wear hair nets in most rooms in the plant anyways. Combined with the fact that I am a total girl, I can't say I understand what all of the fuss is anyways. I am devastated over the loss of my shoe wear. I can no longer wear High Heels Tuesday-Fridays. I help out in our retail store on those days, which means I have to walk through the packaging rooms and warehouse. I really shouldn't be allowed to wear heels ever for safety reasons here, but since I spend most of my day in the office, I've been given free will over my clothing choices. Every job I've had has come with a dress code. My last 2 jobs in fact provided me with a uniform. A part of me enjoyed not having to think about what to wear. I could be ready for work in 5 minutes flat. I hated how I would lose my sense of individuality every time I stepped into that box.

My current collection of flat shoes is relatively complete. I have a lot of colors and a few different patterns. I always make sure that the flats are comfortable before I buy which helps to make sure that no matter what I pull out, it will not hinder my day. I'm afraid that I will find less reasons to dress up on those 4 days, because flats just aren't as fun as heels when it comes to dresses and skirts. On the flip side, it does mean that my Saturday-Monday are going to be overly stylish. Do I see a fashion challenge on my hands??

Rest well in your closet my dear shoe collection. I will see you on Saturday. I have yet to make weekend plans which may mean I will need to do dishes in some spikey beauties. Oh the ages of vacuuming in pearls and heel has yet to pass. Especially now, thanks to my job.

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Candycane said...

Vaccuming in heels is good for your eg toning anyways hehe