Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 'Dress'

Up until Saturday night, I had no Easter plans. Well the plan was to spend the day with my family, but we weren't planning on venturing out to visit any other relatives. Things changed last minute as they always do, which was great, except for that I hadn't planned an Easter outfit. Every year as a little girl, my mother would buy my sister and I matching dresses. Ever since, I always see the special day as a great reason to buy the perfect spring dress. Lots of bouncy, lace and layers is perfect for me. Of course, how often does your Easter dress get worn? I purchased 5 dresses last weekend, all needed for the upcoming Wedding Season and I decided to go with some basic options, instead of lacey, bouncy, and lots of layers. My church has always made Easter a special day, but not a holiday. You shouldn't attend church on Easter Sunday more than you should any other day so besides all of the little girls in their bonnets, it wasn't much of a special day. I decided I wanted to wear the purple skirt. The darker color is more fall and less spring, but I couldn't help but want to enjoy the weather. I would wear this on any day of the week, maybe minus the shoes.
I know I was going to church, but with the simple skirt, and cardigan over the shirt I thought the shoes didn't have a dance club feel. The leopard print is very neutral and subtle and that why I knew that would work well. My family ended up breaking tradition, and ate Easter dinner in the living room, ( something we never ever do) while we watched Twilight, my sister's Easter gift. I really enjoyed the movie, which completely surprised me, and now I'm considering reading the book. My sister, who turns 16 this week swears the book is better than the movie. After a short visit at my Aunt's, I headed over to Johnny's family. I had missed his relatives, but didn't miss the Master's so the holiday was still going on at his house.

My Easter was the first in 22 years that didn't involve Easter Egg hunts, fancy dinner and flouncy dresses. It is a special holiday for us all in a religious sense, but with my sister being stationed in Japan and me living 45 minutes away from my parents, it was a much more casual day. I preferred it. I had two large tests waiting for my Monday night, and now that both of my parents have full time jobs, as well as taking college classes, they wanted to keep the day simple, since we all had to get back to a normal day on Monday. I preferred it. When McKenna will be here for holiday's and we all start to expand our families it will be an Easter full of returning traditions. For now however, as we all reach the early adult phases of life we will enjoy a different kind of tradition. One of leopard print heels and darker pastel colors.

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Passion4Fashion said...

I heart your shoes!!!! MEGA love them!
My sister who is in her 30's love the Twilight movie but also swears the books are better than the movie. I am thinking I will need to read the books but my sister won't loan them to me!