Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Boat Shoes

As I was putting away my new shoes last night, I made a realization...

Clearly I have a sudden thing for boat shoes seeing as how with-in three weeks my wardrobe has become surrounded in them, all of different styles and colors. You can't blame me though. With the new dress code guidelines at work, these have become my life savers. They are unbelievably comfortable. I can wear them to 8 hours of work and than 4 hours of school, with a quick trip to the grocery store afterwords without ever having to think about pain coming from my feet. They are also light enough to be comfortable and do not cause my feet to sweat from being in such close quarters without socks on.With a 'preppier' style I find they work perfect for my workplace and for the different event I often go to after work. And with so many colors, I'll never have a problem deciding what to wear them with! I think I'm done buying boat shoes for awhile now. As the above picture shows, I am pretty well stocked on this style.

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Clare said...

These are all so colorful and fun! I've been looking for some myself...any tips from where you've been finding yours?