Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Snow Shoes

My weekend was as crazy as I had expected. The move went surprisingly smooth, but saying goodbye was heartbreaking. Cassie and I will be friends forever and I know that, but I can't help but feel as though loosing my roommate signals the end of a chapter in my life, and I'm scared to face the new chapter without my roommate and best friend. After a tearful afternoon I got started on unpacking my stuff, rearranging furniture and setting up all of my rooms, again for the second time in a year. The most exciting part of the weekend was being able to take some time out of life and re-settle in, giving the feeling of a fresh start. In a lot of ways this past weekend did signal a fresh start for me. A new lease, same furniture but different arrangement,
and a different routine which will be dictated by me, and not my surroundings. Of course, having spent all weekend in the same pair of jeans and a t-shirt and my hair in a ponytail, I was excited to dive into my new closet come Monday morning mentally, but physically it took everything I had just to pull myself out of bed. By Sunday night I was feeling pretty settled in again, but as I stood in my now walk-in closet Monday morning I realized that my belongings may be settled, but my head is anything but. I have lost my full-proof morning routine and I was not ready for it. I couldn't wrap my head around getting dressed and completely forgot to make my lunch. It seems I was mentally not ready for Monday morning, and it snuck up quicker than I had expected. It is safe to say that I also missed television for most of the weekend, which included the weather report for the day. Which explains my shock after opening my front door to find a light dusting of snow. Living in the Northeast, dusting's are common and it didn't seem to still be snowing, and after having spent 20 minutes trying to think about it brown and yellow really did belong together, I decided to just get on the road without grabbing boots. I wanted to start and end my day as soon as possible. If I had listened to the weather report on the news, I would have been aware of the Northeaster headed into town, and I probably wouldn't have put on my lite weight trouser socks and thin flats, and I probably would have grabbed gloves. As the snow started to fall hard as I sat at my desk I crossed my fingers hoping for a school cancellation, still not realizing just what the precipitation would mean for my feet. As I left work to head towards a very much open school, I was greeted by about 3 inches of freshly poured powder. Beautiful until my feet sunk in with the first few steps. Snow made it's way up my pant leg as I made my way around the car to brush it off, and snow settled quickly onto my warm stocking feet as I sat in my car waiting for it to defrost. Class was long and made only longer by my soaked feet. Rest assured I was much better prepared for waking up on Tuesday morning. I checked the weather before I dressed and had my lunch made and hot water ready for tea before I left the apartment.
Tonight will consist of studying and laundry for me and a little more preparation of the house. I hope to have everything out and hung and arranged by next week so I can take some pictures and show the place off.

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