Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Scrabble Necklace

(These are the front and back of two seperate charms)

I found the Just Be, Etsy shop when I was doing a little online searching during Christmas.I was on the hunt for a great gift for my Mom and sisters and one way or another came across this creative ladies! I apologize for not being able to get their link, but I encourage you to find them! They make the cutest necklace charms using scrabble pieces! Each charm was $5 and I bought the two you see above, the pink and the green tree images for my mom, both my sisters and I. We all already have the necklaces so for Christmas I got us all the pendants. They were super affordable and I knew that even though all 4 of us have such different styles, on a necklace these pieces would be great for all of us.

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