Friday, February 06, 2009

The Perfect Vintage Coat

My coat came last night! I was so excited to open the box, only to find that the company I had bought it from had wrapped it in leopard print tissue paper, perfect. The coat is prettier than I had hoped! It has such great colors and absolutely makes a statement. My dissapointment of course came when I put it on. The coat is big, almost too big. It makes me look like a giant box, especially since it hangs down to me knees. Not to be discouraged by a perfect vintage find, I immediately got out my thinking cap. I think this little problem will be easy to fix. It's going to require some snaps but I'm going to sew them onto the side of the coat so that the left side of the coat will stretch across my front towards my right side, so that it will simply snap closed instead of the buttons it has now. In fact it will look alot like how it sits on me in the above picture. In the meantime, I'm going to use some tricky wrapping techniques. I think a simple cream thick ribbon, some stratigically places safety pins and a pretty bow will make the coat completely wearable until I can get everything sewed and finished. The best part about the coat is how heavy it is. It is marked as "rain gear" on it's tag and I can understand why. It is so thick and heavy which makes it perfect for both fall and winter in the northeast. I would call it a great first vintage purchase.

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