Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vintage Sweaters

"Recent studies suggest that each buying decision plays out in the brain as a fight between a pleasure center seeking the bliss of acquisition and an aversion center seeking to avoid the pain of paying."

I found the above quote on a blog I was reading today. Apparently the quote was taken from a research article that was posted somewhere by someone. The author of the blog had used it to talk about that being the way she often felt about shopping and I couldn't agree more. In fact it's those feelings that have made me feel so bummed all week. It's like I'm being torn. The more frustrated I become with myself, the more I want to shop and buy, the more I beat myself up for spending money I don't have and the vicious cycle goes on. That's exactly what it is too, a cycle. The more I think about the money I don't have that still has to go to bills by the end of next month, the more stressed I become. I simply want to escape for a bit and find myself doing so buy shopping, or browsing online. That's the big problem though. I find great deals, in theory a great skill but in application, I spent a certain amount I just manage to spend it on a few different items instead of one item. I really need to start shopping from my closet. Again a vicious cycle in my life right now. With my roommate moving out, I find myself feeling more and more claustrophobic with my room. I'm trying to prepare for having a full house to roam in and to decorate. Until than though, these little things continue to pile up in my room until they can be opened and used at the end of next month. I don't want Cassie to feel rushed out and that's something I am really afraid of with her moving out and me staying behind. For that reason I find myself packing things on top of other things in my small room. My clothes included. My closet is simply too small. The one I will be moving into is 4 times as big and the more I think about how great it will be to have a small room dedicated to my fashions, the more frustrated I become with my current closet. I've got the winter slumps. I'm grouchy, I'm cold, I feel claustrophobic and all in all I just want to lay on a chair in the sun in my bathing suit with the tunes blaring through the stereo. In the mean time I'll have to live with thick sweaters, being stuck in a small space with a ton of stuff and with wanting to spend what I don't have to help escape. Winter can't go on forever, a simple fact I just need to remind myself of.

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