Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Repurposed Jacket

As I got ready to go out last Friday night I was simply not in the mood to wear anything. I think it's largely to blame on the weather. It is just so cold and windy out that I don't want to step out of the house much less do so looking cute. It means I need to wear lots of layers and it can sometimes be hard to make just one statement with so many different pieces of clothing. Friday night was especially hard. We were going to a local bar to see a friend's boyfriend and his band play. Thus the catch. The bar will inevitably be hot inside so I need to find an outfit ( coat included) that will keep me warm while I'm walking the hundreds ( or so it seems) blocks from the bar to the car and yet won't be too much to wear inside the heat. Up until last week, whenever we've gone out I've chosen cute over comfort which means a dress on my birthday, a sleevless top for a friends, and on each of those incidences all I can remember about those evening is the crappy walk back to the car. And really, that is just a few moments of a great night so how to choose an outfit that won't cramp your style. Thus, my repurposed hair piece. It's actually a broach, and a free one at that. Years ago when I was working in retail some of the sweaters came with broaches and we would often find them randomly laying around the dressing rooms and in corners under racks. Months after they had been sitting in drawers waiting to find an owner they became open for use. That's how I ended up with 5 big broaches. I am not a broach person and actually have never wore them, and frankly I knew that I never would but they are so pretty. For the last 3 years that have dutifully sat on my table as nice little decorations. Friday as I hum and hayed over what to put on, I decided to live on the wild side. I pulled half of my hair back tieing it with little clear hairbands, and pinning it with bobby pins. I than pinned the broach into my hair. Just that simple. The pin stayed put all night even whilest I danced my little heart out. ( can you blame me? They played Bon Jovi!) I don't know if it looked as cute as it made me feel but isn't that half the reason we choose what we do? Because of the way it makes us feel? Johnny didn't love it, at all infact. But half way through the night he let me know it had grown on him, just as I knew it would. Suddenly I find myself trying to find ways to wear all of the broaches! Some are just not right for my hair, but maybe as a belt buckle, or to girly up some jeans. Whatever way I find I can't help but always feel some satisfaction is repurposing. There is no feeling like spending no money, and feeling like you look like a million bucks. Especially in upstate New York in January.

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