Thursday, January 22, 2009

Clean Underwear

My shoes came in! Well one pair did. Now only two bags and another pair to go and I am a happy ebay shopper :) They are just as they were promised, shinny and red and hardly ever worn. In fact the bottoms have absolutely no scuff marks, and no dirt and were black as day so there is a good chance that they actually haven't even been worn. They are so cute. I love that they are a darker red so when I wear them they don't shout " look at my clown shoes!" and instead give a great look of class. I was happy to wear my shoes to work today, but I was even happier when I got a phone call this morning. Back in October I went through some testing that came back slightly abnormal. Nothing scary but even still I was referred to an endocrinologist. My scheduled appointment date? Late feb almost 6 months after my first physicians appointment. I was more then irritated especially because I want results, not prolonged craziness. I managed to get myself on their cancellation list, so when the call came in at 9:15 that they had an appointment open for 10, I aplogized to my supervisor and jumped in the car. Overall the appointment went fine. The new doctor seems nice, but I'll feel better after these test results come back. They'll have a better idea of what we're looking at, if it's anything at all. That's what's so frustrating, according to this doctor I may need to be put on a few regulating pills, or maybe it's nothing and I should get on some diet and excersise plans. Crazy. The only bump came when after giving 6 vials of blood I felt alittle faint. And by alittle I mean alot. I laid down while the nurse got me a juice box. Oh the prescious naturally sugar filled box. I understand, that I am an adult and I have the same amount of blood as everyone else, but I swear every time blood is drawn I feel like I'm loosing mass amounts. I passed out once after donating blood and haven't done that since. I've often thought about heading back to donation centers, but today was a doctor recommended withdrawl and even still needed to lay down, bring my body temperature back down and sip on some sweet apple juice. The nurse did compliment my shoes, prior to seeing the doctor so she wasn't even attempting to distract me from fainting. What a lovely red filled day!

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