Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Miskko Hair Dryer Review

When the sweet people at Miskko contacted me about reviewing one of their Hana Hair Dryers, I must admit I did a little happy dance. Who me? Little ol' me with the short hair? I've read so many rave reviews about all of the Miskko products, so I was eager to let one of these items get to work on my head! Since I do have shorter hair, I only blow dry my hair when necessary, or when I want to help add style. Typically blow dryers leave my hair feeling stringy and puffy so I prefer to air dry as often as possible. I was so excited to wash my hair right away and get to work blowing drying my hair! 

Hana Hair Dryer

Imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found not only the hair dryer, but also some other treats to help my hair stay healthy and shiny. This has to be the prettiest box I have ever received in the mail! You can really tell that the folks at Misikko care about their products and about customer service. This blow dryer was amazing. The thing I noticed right away was the temperature. This dryer never got to hot. (Something that really matters with my thin hair!) Typically, with my cheaper hair dryer I couldn't keep it in one spot of my head for too long or it would burn my scalp. This dryer however was warm, but never hot. I was able to use my round brush and comb, and spend my time really working my hair dry, instead of hurrying the drying process for fear of the heat. Even with the cooler temperature, my hair dried in half the time it normally takes, and it was immediately smooth and shiny( without the help of any added products!) . I didn't even have to use my straightener to style afterwords, because the dryer had done it all for me! This Hana blow dryer is on the higher side of the pricing scale, but spending the money now means you'll have healthier, happier hair for longer. By the end of my first use, this dryer became my favorite tool in my cabinet. 

Hana Hair Dryer

Missiko is proving that using the right tools for your hair, helps to keep your hair healthy. They also carry flat irons and curling irons that are as reviewed as highly as the blow dryer. If my experience with the dryer is any indication, these products are ones that will be added to my wishlist for my birthday's to come! 

* I was compensated for this post with a hair dryer for Misikko. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone* 

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