Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Instagram: January photo a day

When I decided at the beginning of the year that I wanted to spend more time focusing on photography, I wasn't just deciding on a resolution for the New Year, but actually setting some goals for myself. I wanted to continue developing my skills with my Nikon DSLR, and I also wanted to start seeing the world from a more 'photographic view'. While I brushed up on my manual for part 1 of my goals, I decided to join the January photo a day challenge on Instagram to help me get started on part 2. 

Jan Photo a Day
Some of my images from the month: 
[1] day 5- something you wore [2] day 4- letterbox [3] day 8- your sky [4] day 9- daily routine [5] day 10- childhood [11] day 14- something you're reading [12] day 16- morning [13] day 17- water [14] day 18- something you bought [15] day 19- sweet [16] day 20- someone you love [17] day 21- reflection [18] day 22- your shoes [18] day 23- something old [19] day 26- colors [20] day 27- lunch

While I don't own an iPhone which boasts an impressive 8 megapixels, my 0.63 megapixel iPod touch gets the job done just fine. I like having an intended image to capture each day. Thirty days later, I'm already seeing a difference in the way I look at everyday items. Instead of seeing fruit in a basket while I grocery shop, I'm seeing a future cropped, lightly focused imaged. Seems my 0.63 megapixel challenge is just the tool for helping me reach my goal! 

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