Thursday, February 23, 2012

If you stopped by for tea

Trees in the Middle of the City

If you stopped by for tea, I'd have the kettle steaming and the mugs ready upon your arrival. As soon as your coat was hung up and we had taken a few minutes to hug and say hello, we'd make tea to our preferences and head for the living room. Tea with friends is best enjoyed on the comfort of cushions. We'd snuggle close, take a few sips and get into the sharing of it all. 

We would chat a bit about the crazy weather, and I would tell you that it's been really hard on me. I've been uncomfortable in my skin, literally. A side effect of my migraine medication is that it makes it hard for me to process changes in body temperature. Since Mother Nature has given us a winter with temperatures all over the map, I'm having an even harder time keeping things stable. I itch everywhere, and I tingle when I'm not itching. Showers have become unbearable and I spend most nights tossing and turning. All I can do is count down the days until Spring weather arrives, and hopefully with it some relief.

I would let you know that I've been feeling overwhelmed lately. Not with all bad things, or with good just overwhelmed. Even when you are prepared for everything life throws at you, some days it just feels like a lot. 

I would let you know that I've finally decided to joint the craze and read the Hunger Games. A friend told me the premise behind the story, and I saw the trailer this week and I knew it would be a story I would love. I'm off this week to buy a copy of the first book. I hope I can finish it before the movie comes out in March, but first I need to finish the book I'm halfway through. Have you read the Hunger Games yet? 

I would ask you how you've been feeling? How this weather has been treating you and what you've been reading? 

I can't wait until we get together for some chat and tea again.

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