Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wrapping Wars

Wrapping Wars

I happen to love wrapping gifts, until I've been at it for about hours that is. It's almost as if I forget about the exhaustion that is gift wrapping each year. I excitedly pick out the perfect wrapping paper at the start of the season, I gather all of our gifts, lay out boxes and gift tags and let the gift wrapping begin. 

  Wrapping Wars
It isn't all bad of course:

- Enjoying delicious cups of Hot Chocolate while I wrap
- Thinking about all of our friends and families faces as they unwrap their gifts
- The feeling of accomplishment as each wrapped gift gets tucked under the tree
- The sweet sounds of Christmas tunes playing in the background

A few hours in though, and I can't remember any of those good things:

- The back ache from bending over all the gifts
- Running out of tape always when you need just one more strip
- My manicure, which is no match for wrapping paper apparently
- Realizing that you spelled a family members name wrong on your very last gift tag, what's worse? Realizing that you spelled your own name wrong in your haze
- The inevitable insomnia that will follow after spending 4 hours downing Hot chocolate to keep up the pace

Wrapping Wars

 It's somewhere around 10pm that I realize just why it makes sense to donate money to the gift wrapping tables in the mall and have them take care of some of the wrapping for me. Around 10:15pm though I dragged myself back out of the slump and finished up my wrapping. I would have felt weird letting someone else wrap my gifts even if it was for charity. Seeing everything under the tree and ready made me feel accomplished and proud. It isn't always smooth sailing, but it's still a tradition. Besides who ever said all holiday traditions had to be fun? 

Wrapping Wars


Sayaka said...

I love your blue pants with boots. I think it's one of my things to do before Christmas too!

Annie said...

Love that cute!

The Other Side of Gray

Kayla said...

Thank you! I love these boots! I couldn't help but to add the scarf. I thought it was the perfect pop of color to the outfit!