Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shopping Detox: An update

I purchased the lovely watch you see on my wrist below last week. That's right, I bought something for myself:

Gold Rose Watch

and you should have seen the look on both my mother, and Johnny's mother's faces when I told them last weekend. It was shock and disappointment, and I think I even saw a bit of nausea sweep across the room. I knew as I was explaining to them my purchase that they saw my words as an excuse, but it doesn't feel that way to me. When I first declared this personal challenge in September, I allowed myself 2 exceptions.

1. I need work pants desperately. I swim in most of mine and decided that I would be allowed to buy 2 pairs of work pants, as long as I bought them with a coupon.

2. I was a Maid of Honor in a wedding last weekend. I purchased all of my dresses before September, but decided that I could buy any new dresses, jewelry or shoes that I may need for the wedding events.

The truth of the matter is I could make due with what I had and I knew that, but it was much easier for me to agree to 100 days while saying that I would still allow myself to buy, I would just regulate what it was I was shopping for. My birthday was in the middle of the detox as well, and in the back of my mind I knew I would likely be purchasing myself a little something special for the occasion.

Surprising even to myself, I didn't purchase anything, including things that fit into the guidelines that I had set. I have been wearing pants I already have to work and adding belts. For the wedding I included accessories I already owned and wore dresses I had purchased. My birthday came and went. I've gone shopping with friends even told myself that I wouldn't be mad if I purchased something I love, just to walk away each time empty handed. I haven't shopping since September.

Which brings us to last week. I did finally need to pick up one item for the wedding, and while in line I noticed this rose gold watch. It was $14.95. It doesn't have a clasp like most watches making it perfect for my tiny wrists. I've wanted a Rose Gold watch for over a year now, but I accept the fact that my wrists were made for elastic only. I wasn't in the store with the intention of spending money, and I wasn't looking to find a loophole. I happened to stumble upon something that has been on my 'want' list for awhile. I decided to purchase the watch, and I did so guilt free. I don't know if I consider this my one exception (since I never used any of the others), or if I'll save the watch for another week and consider this my reward for such good behavior.

Like my mother and mother-in-law I had expected disappointment, guilt and even nausea to effect me after I purchased an unnecessary item for myself but those feelings never came. I went 84 days before I made any purchases, and I'll finish out the remaining 16 without another one.


Unpretentious Teacher said...

Well, if you were playing by my rules, a watch is definitely not cheating since I'm only withholding from clothing. :) We are almost done and boy am I excited about that! Perhaps tomorrow I'll finally have time to post about the detox! Finally!

Annie_VintageDiggs.com said...

Love the large men's wear inspired watch. So Chic!