Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Neon and Neutral

Neon and Neutral
When the magazines started declaring that Spring 2011 would show the return of Neon colors, I figured that I'd probably be sitting this trend out. I'm not opposed to Neon colors, it's just pairing them all together in a mixed up paint can sort of way that I just didn't think would be for me. The more I saw images of Neon colors however, the more I started to realize that I actually already own a lot of brightly colored items. Apparently I've been on the Neon trend since before the magazine declared it the trend of the moment.
Neon and Neutral
When the lovely Kristina declared that the Blogger Do it Better theme this time around would be Neon and Neutrals, I knew that this girl had hit the nail on the head for me. Mixing all the neon colors together can be a bit overwhelming, but putting a few bold colors next to some grounded neutral items is the perfect way to wear the trend of the season. I may have even broken my own rules by putting a bright yellow, and a bright pink together in this outfit, but when placed next to this beige skirt the bold colors seem to pop instead of scream, and 'pop' is exactly what I want my key pieces to do.
Neon and Neutral
I actually have a bracelet that is an exact match to this shirt, and a pair of shoes that match this belt. I played with the idea of adding those for a while before leaving the house, but in the end I decided that Kristina had it right. When it comes to working with bold Neon colors, it's best to keep the rest of the look neutral. Speaking of Kristina, have you seen her latest key piece? Her adorable boyfriend just proposed to her, and he did a fantastic job picking out her ring. She will have no problem letting that ring doing some 'popping' with any outfit she wears! Congratulations guys!
Neon and Neutral
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Pretty Shiny Sparkly


Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

love the neon part! x hivenn

Belle de Couture said...

Look how chic you look! So appropriate for the office :)

P.S. You are gorg and have legs that go on for days girl.. u should def model!


Anonymous said...

Cute interp of the trend!

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It's a beautiful couture hand-made garment I designed-- retail value of $175. I hope you will enter the contest and follow me at<a href="'> Danielle</a>

cheryl denise said...

great combo of neon and neutral! so many people used white as their neutral, which i don't believe is actually neutral. well done!

a peek of chic

KT said...

Love this, especially when you have the yellow sweater on. I swear there are so many bloggers do amazing things with bright colors. This is a great BDIB post. - Katy

Lorena said...

Very, very pretty . i love how this outfit is colorful and happy yet formal enough for work.

megannielsen said...

oooo love the colour story here!!! And bravo on the neon accent! I''ve not been brave enough to try yet :)