Tuesday, May 03, 2011

1 Pair: 2 Ways ( White Lace Flats)

White Lace Flats

Merona Brand
Purchased at Target Spring 2011 $5

In the winter, I love wearing socks. For me warmth starts from the bottom up. In the summer however, my tootsies need to breathe. When I first spotted these shoes on the Clearance rack a few weeks ago, I knew that these shoes would be a perfect addition to my shoe collection. At the time they were available in my size in mustard yellow, teal, black and white for $10 a piece. For a moment ( more like 15 minutes) I almost bought all 4 pairs, but couldn't commit to the high price tag. I can imagine that most people would agree that $10 is not a high price for a great pair of shoes, but I was sure that these beauties would come down in price and I was willing to wait. Waiting is exactly what I did, and when I arrived back in the same store 2 days later, the only shoes left were this white pair and for the lower price of $5. My plan worked, sort of. I am sorry that there were not more colors available because these shoes unbelievably comfortable. After owning these shoes for 5 days I looked back to realize that I had worn these shoes for 4 days out of the 5. When the shoe fits, wear it every day you can. If only I had a pair that fit in Mustard Yellow, Teal and Black as well.

White Lace Flats

White Lace Flats

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LyddieGal said...

those shoes are so cute! I'm totally a sucker for a cut out design, i don't think i could have passed up the mustard though!

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