Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Window Shopping: Job Transition

No-body was more surprised than me when I was given a promotion out of the blue last week at my job. It seems all of my hard work these last few months have paid off, and while I was just 'doing my job', my work was noticed and is being recognized in the form of a major Job Transition. My day-to-day tasks will be under going some major changes in the next few weeks, and along with it so will my job title, and my role in my company. The biggest change with my new job will be more time on the road working with our customers and meeting with clients face to face. I walked away from the meetings being proud of my accomplishments, excited about the new opportunities ahead, and slightly anxious for the unknown challenges ahead. What am I currently most excited about? The chance to give my wardrobe a bit of a working girl update!

Window Shopping: Job Shirts

A big key for me, is going to be my ability to layer during the upcoming months. As the temperatures continue to change as Spring sets in, I won't have the luxury of sitting in a temperature controlled office anymore. This season I'll be in and out of cars and business', and planes, trains and automobiles. Filling my closet with great pieces that can be easily layered, and yet stand alone on their own will be a fantastic way to fight the elements no matter what they may be.

Window Shopping: Job Dress

There is something about a schedule that I find so comforting. I thrive on a standard routine and know that adjusting to a new non 9-5 will be a hard harsh move for me. Now my days will be structured based on appointments and less on my punched in and out time. I actually look forward to this radical change as a way to face my fear in , just do it now you'll be fine, sort of way. No better time than the present to face some of life's anxieties. As I am learning to re-schedule my life and adjusting to new daily changing routines, being able to throw on a simple dress will be a huge help. When I"m still adjusting to changes in my meal times and sleep schedules, not having to stress over what to wear will be considered a comfort. Plus those dresses are both professional and oh so cute!

Window Shopping: Job Bottoms

Apparently, somehow I lost all of my pants. Well, I still have plenty of jeans but all of my work appropriate pants seemed to have flown the coop! I know I have a few pairs of cropped pants ready for Summer, and a pair or two of black pants that can get me through till than, but I will need to spend some time re-growing my professional bottoms collection. I could be simple and just purchase every well fitting pair of black trousers I find, but where is the fun in that? There are pants with sailors buttons, pleats, and cream details out in the world just waiting to join me in my working girl phase!

Window Shopping: Job Shoes

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes. Let's be honest, do I need any more shoes, no. ( Don't tell Johnny I admitted that okay?) Honestly, I don't even need another excuse to buy more shoes, but my new job gives me some footwear restrictions. First of all, I will be on my feet more often now. I still like to add a little height ( to my 5'7 frame? I'm ridiculous I know) and wedges will be a great way to do so without putting strain on my feet. Plus with great options this season, I can have bows, height and comfort. Secondly, some of my client meetings will occur in back kitchens, and warehouses which means flat shoes, and close toes. Instead of being less excited about these shoe restrictions, I'm hoping to embracing these days and give my feet a bit of a rest! A great pair of Oxfords can take me from office hours, to client meetings, and out for stylish drinks with the ladies!

I am excited for all of the changes that lie ahead for me. I know I have a lot to learn, and a lot of changes to adjust to. I've enjoyed settling into a routine for the last few years, and am looking forward to mixing things up a bit. Sometimes life needs a little bit of shaking up to keep you on your toes, and a job promotion and some new wardrobe items seems like a perfect opportunity to do just that!


the nyanzi report said...

congratulations. hard works pays off even though it may take longer than we might like.

Heather said...

Congratulations on the job promotion! That Ann Taylor dress is soo cute! I love the floral one, too. Have you ever heard of Down East Basics? They have some really cute things!

Kayla said...

Thank you both very much! I'll have to check them out Heather I'm always keeping my eye out for some cute new things! You know me :)

kelsey said...

congrats on the promotion!