Tuesday, April 12, 2011

1 Pair : 2 Ways ( Black Oxfords)

1 Pair: 2 Ways Black Oxford Shoes

1:2 Black Oxfords

1:2 Black Oxfords

Black Oxfords
SM Brand
Purchased at K-mart Jan. 2010

As a small girl, I wasn't able to spend much time getting to know my GG ( Great-Grandfather) and while I can't be sure if it was his inability to hear in his old age or if he just had a thing against loud, energetic little girls, but GG and I never really got a chance to connect. The only time we ever really bonded was during the occasional afternoon when he wouldn't mind me sitting in the chair next to his while he began his daily afternoon tradition of televised golf watching and trail mix eating. He would sometimes let me steal a few raisins, and if he was in an especially kind mood, he would ignore the screen for a few moments to fold his handkerchief into a sweet little mouse he would let me hold. I can't remember ever seeing GG in anything other than slippers, but I'm sure as a young boy he didn't run through town in Man slippers. I'm sure he had a pair of shoes, that probably looked a bit like these. When the oxford trend first came on the 'scene' last year, I quickly jumped on board and haven't looked back since. I'm just so grateful that it seems no-one else has either as these shoes continue to be in style. I adore these shoes so much that I would wear them even if every magazine declared Oxfords to be the next Crocs. These shoes simply Rock. These shoes work with every season, every style, and for every occasion. As I sat watching the Masters on Sunday in my favorite Oxfords and crying a bit for Rory Mcilroy, I couldn't help but think that maybe GG was sitting somewhere laughing at the irony. Sure I'm still loud and energetic, but now I watch golf and wear great shoes. I guess some things are just in our genetics.
1:2 Black Oxford Shoes

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