Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Bah Humbug

Bah Humbug
The packages are no-longer under the tree like they were in these pictures. They have since been handed out, wrapping paper has been ripped and thrown, and Christmas treats and trinkets were enjoyed by all. The tree is still standing however, ornaments, lights and all.
Bah Humbug
I dread the idea of taking everything down this weekend. I seem to have slipped into the after Holiday Funk, and just can't seem to shake it. I decided to get an early start on my shopping this Christmas and started storing gifts in October. I started my wrapping at the beginning by December and even still managed to still be wrapping and purchasing on Christmas Eve. In terms of preparation I was on top of my game. I think it threw off my internal schedule however. My November birthday seemed to pass much to quick as I was knee deep in Christmas planning at that point. I haven't even allowed myself the opportunity to enjoy some of my birthday gifts as my spare time has been dedicated to card writing, decorating and baking.
Bah Humbug
Now what do I do? I seem a little confused by suddenly not having a To-Do list a mile long. While everyone seems to be soaking up the motivation that comes with the New Year, I seem to be suffering a bit of whip-lash. Is everything really done already? This must be what brides feel like. I always hear about the ultra boring, super disappointing come-down after the wedding and can only imagine this must be what it feels like. Unfortunately this bride feels as though her groom ( Christmas) has run away with his mistress ( Winter Weather). Here I am standing in my pretty veil wondering where did all of this snow come from and when will Christmas be back?
Bah Humbug
I can't entirely blame it on the end of the seasons. It seems while much of the world is suffering from the after Holiday Cold and Flu Season, I've caught the exhaustion end of illness. My hours at work have been temporarily switched and the early start time and longer hours have left me feeling worse for wear by the end of the day. I think I shall enjoy the rest of my week in warm sweaters and comfortable pants, and will slowly take down our decorations one-by-one. I hope a good weekend of rest and relaxation and I'll be feeling back to my chipper self in no-time.

How are you handling the end of one season and the beginning of another?
Bah Humbug


Rochelle said...

This time of year is weird. There is nothing too amazing to look forward to. I got very suddenly pushed out of my after holiday funk today when I realized that we have 3 months before we move and we have a ton to do. I guess having a new to do list helped me.


Pamela said...

As soon as New Years is over, I'm ready for Easter and Spring. I hate this inbetween!!!

Side note-love your hair!!!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Doesn't January just seem so "blah boring" after all the festive hustle of November and December?! Oh well, we may as well spend January reveling in our Christmas gifts and looking cute! ;o)

Anonymous said...

I like how you spent $3 on a top and over three times that amount on a bracelet. :P


Ebony :]

Between Laundry Days said...

I feel like January is always super rough. The short, cold, dark days (plus no holidays to look forward to!) make it just drag on. Luckily, it doesn't go on forever! I try to focus on hobbies and activities that I don't let myself do when the weather is good since they involve staying indoors (knitting, baking, etc.).

Oh, and I love this outfit! So sleek!