Monday, November 01, 2010

Sequin Style Check- Up

This weekly feature, has been designed to help me become more aware of my spending. If you also participate in this questionnaire, be sure and include a link in the comments below so I can read everyones answers! Also, be sure and check out My Pretty Pennies, the originator of the Weekly Money Check Up and the creator of these questions each week!

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on _____. Bills, Bills and more Bills! After a rough last week with an unexpected car repair, all of my bills were shifted to this week. Luckily, having gotten such a hold on my money means I was able to pay for the repair, and on my next paycheck pay for all of my bills and than some.

2. Today I feel _______towards money. Weary. I'm so relieved to have made it over the mountain of the car repair, and to have made it through the forest of bills that remained. It proved to me that this new budget system has made a positive change on my wallet. I'm also concerned however that I could easily slip into, ' well it went so well the first time, I won't be as worried about the next time' category. I need to continue on this great path, and not allow my success to trick me!

3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free/inexpensive thing I did last week that made me happy was_____________. Coffee date with my girlfriends. Seeing as though I don't drink coffee, meeting at a coffee place wasn't a tempting place to spend money for me at all! We got a table right in front and spent a few hours gabbing, chatting and swooning over our friend's new engagement ring. I always enjoy spending time with my friends.

4. I will consider this week a success if I _____________. Can purchase plane tickets! Johnny and I have a trip coming up to spend a weekend with my sister and niece right before my birthday. Some unexpected changes however, mean the trip will cost more than I originally estimated. I should be able to book it this week, and still put money in the bank as long as I stick to my spending plan!

5. If I could grow one thing, it would be ____________.
An herb garden. When we first moved this summer, I had big plans to grow an herb garden right away, but it took some time to get used to the sun situation in our new place, and time just got away from me. I want to get started on it right away though next Spring!

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