Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Seasonal Denial Syndrome

To say that I'm having a hard time transitioning is a bit of an understatement. My heart loves fall. The cooler weather which forces you to snuggle a little closer before getting out of bed each morning, the bright orange and red leaves, the colder weather clothes that come out from hiding, and the excuse to spend all Sunday on the couch in your Jammie's watching Football! My head however is having a rather difficult time remembering how to dress for colder weather. At first I thought, Great, now I can bring my Cardigans out from hiding! But now I'm finding that simply adding a Cardigan does not a warmer outfit make. My heart loves my boots and tights, but my head can't fathom putting them on just yet.
Maybe it's the sudden change in weather. Labor Day weekend we enjoyed temperatures in the 80's and the Tuesday after we dropped right down to 70 and we've been declining ever since. Sunday marked our first 50 degree day, and it isn't looking like it will get much warmer, or dryer from here. Is it possible that I'm suffering from Seasonal Denial Syndrome? Is the best treatment for this disorder to keep staring at amazing sartorial images of ladies in boots and scarves, or to suck and up and put on a pair of tights? Does anyone have any suggestions on a cure?
( P.S. I wore actual shoes to work, however the day long rain caused them to be left right at the door upon entering the house. Slipper Time!)

Dress- Gap via Goodwill $5
Long Grandfather Cardigan- ?? ( a few years old)
Black Belt- Charlotte Russe $8.50
Watch- Florida Flea Market $6


Lori said...

I know EXACTLY how you've been feeling. I've been sucking it up and putting on tights, because I'm a cold wimp. :(

Between Laundry Days said...

I've been feeling the same way! I'm so happy that fall is here, but I find myself totally struggling each day to pick something that works!

I do love this, though. Such a great cardi!

Hannie said...

I love the cardigan :) Your blog looks nice, I´m your follower. Wanna check my blog, please?