Thursday, September 23, 2010

Type A

I have mentioned on this blog that I am a bit of a Type A personality? I have often considered starting a support group for people who fear loss of control as much as I, but than I think about all of the spreadsheets and cleaning that will have to go into such an organization, and what if someone wants to try to ' help' and frankly the idea disappears faster than it appeared. I think that this may be the very reason the I just don't buy clothes online. I know plenty of people who do, and who have had great success, but for me if I can't hold it I probably will not be purchasing it. The same can be said for furniture, toys and even artwork. I just like to know exactly what I'm buying, and I like to know that it is coming home with me. When an amazing deal with Old Navy came along however, I had to break a few rules of my own. I knew that they had a limited time selection of NFL official items, and I wanted to pick-up some shirts and hoodies for Johnny and I. I headed to my local store but was met with rows of nothing but Giants shirts ( the woes of living in Upstate New York). Even my next local store was carrying only Giants and so I headed online. I am familiar with Old Navy sizing, and was looking for a basic tee so I knew that fit wasn't necessary. In the end I got my hands on a free shipping coupon as well as a 30% off discount and a few clicks later there were 5 shirts in my cart and a UPS receipt in my email.

I stalked my online receipt and shipping information about twice a day for the next 5 days. Even Sunday. Online purchases just leave to much room for error, and I was doing my best to prevent all that I could. When UPS sent me a receipt saying that my package had arrived, I was more than a little surprised. Nothing was waiting at my doors, and I even had Johnny swing by on his lunch break to check both the front and the back doors. A few hours later I discovered just where my package had gone, to the wrong address. Old Navy called to alert me and let me know that they had asked the person at the incorrect address to send my package back to their warehouse, so they could ship it back out to me. An extra 2 weeks seemed a bit ridiculous when I knew the package had to be somewhere on my street. I thanked Old Navy's customer service ( who were great to work with) and told them that I would let them know if I needed any further help. I started the search as soon as I got home. Let's just say that it may have taken more than 3 doorbells, 1 screaming child, Peeking in Someones window and 1 lady in work-out clothes before I was able to track my package. Who needs online tracking when you've got a Type A girl on the hunt for her football gear? I thanked my new ( now friendly) neighbors and rushed back across the street and down a few houses to our little home. I ripped open the sealed packages and proudly showed off to Johnny how great my purchases were. Except there were only 4 items in that package. I had most definitely paid for 5. A quick phone call later and my lost shirt was being replaced by another friendly Old Navy representative. In the end, all 5 of my items arrived safe and sound and have already gotten a ton of Sunday wear. I think I however will be sticking to in person purchases. I may have sweat more that week than I did during overtime the weekend before. It's hard being a Type A, online shopping fearing Football fan, but some one's got to do it.

Coral Tank Top: Old Navy $2.50
Cardigan: old
Denim Trouser: Gap from local Consignment Shop $12
Nude Flats: Nine West via Goodwill $5
Belt: Hand-me-Down from a friend
Necklace: Lia Sophia $15

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Cindy said...

Lol I completely understand! I hate buying things online. I track my packages like crazy and I worry the fit won't be right. I ordered sewing stuff from Amazon and got a book instead. I think that'll be my last online purchase for a while :p The outfit looks great though!!