Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rules of Conquering

Completing projects seems to be the theme around here lately. With moving in the middle of the summer, and a transition in job titles, the summer seemed to fly by, and with it came and went the list of To Do items.

Johnny and I have had Internet problems since we moved in. Originally I had big summer plans to be able to dedicate more time to my blog, but after roadblock and speed bumps, we seemed to be no further along with getting our Internet fixed, leaving me no further along with my blog. After countless visits by the cable company, computer friends, and a few Handy Man attempts ourselves, we seem to have finally solved the problem. We now have fully working Internet and Cable. We had thought that with the initial visit from the cable company to complete the hook-up and we would be up and running. Not so. It was a lesson in patience, but we are now back in working order.

Transitioning from a large walk-in closet, to two smaller closets was a big change to say the least. I suddenly find myself having to adjust not only how my clothes are organized, but also how I approach getting dressed each morning. Just when I seem to get into a routine, the temperatures around here dropped and with little warning. We lived in the above 90 range for weeks on end, and than the day we returned from Labor Day, we were greeted with the 70 degree weather, and it hasn't moved much since. Out came my winter clothes from storage (Seasonal Storing of clothes was something I never had to do until we moved) and I started putting chunky sweaters on my shelves and placing shorts in the under-the-bed storage bins. Sweaters hang differently than tank tops, and the seasonal closet transition seemed to take weeks to adjust. Finally just as the weather continues to slowly dip, my closet is in working order and my summer clothes seem ready to hibernate for the winter.

Just as the weather starts to officially welcome in the new season, we seem to have finally conquered Summer's outstanding projects, and are geared up for what fall will be bringing. Seasons are not only indications of temperature changes, but also of life's transitions. It seems with the blog back in usable order, and the closet back in good standing I am finally ready to join in in the transition. You can't just conquer, unless you are prepared to do a little extra work. Don't worry fall, I did my prep homework. I have come, I am seeing and now I'm ready to conquer.

Green Stipped Tee- Rue 21 $3
Gray Vest- Kmart $10
Denim Capri's- Maurices $20
Yellow Wedges- " The Sadie Hawkins Dance"
Necklace- DIY from a hand me down necklace from Mom
Bracelet- Lia Sophia $25

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Between Laundry Days said...

Ah, Kayla, I love this post! Beautifully-written, and totally captures the sentiment of changing seasons.

I can totally relate, as I just moved from my own apartment (w/Joe) to a room in a apartment that I share with two other women. Storage is limited and divided now, and I'm trying to adjust.