Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fighting the Vibe

The transitioning of the seasons welcomes back some of my favorite things. I bring the tea kettle out and slip back into a Tea every day routine. I start adding layers ( my favorite) to my daily outfits, and I start to obsess about High Heels. I know it makes no sense, the colder and icier the weather becomes, the more I want to be as far off the ground, with the least amount of surface area? Even despite the clear functionality issues, my brain starts to dream of high heels, and shoe sales start to creep into my shopping budget as soon as the leaves start to fall. I think much of it has to do with my height. Thanks to great genes, I own a pair of relatively long legs. Along with them however comes a dangerous skirt length clause. The longer the legs, the longer the skirt needs to be to be considered appropriate. I find that in the summer, I don't mind wearing my 'shorter' skirts, as long as I pair them with flats to keep me grounded. Heels may add a bit of spice, but with long legs in between the heel and the skirt they can also add a bit of trampy. It's a dangerous line that I'm always trying to fight my way around.

At the end of the day, a micro mini will look itsy-bitsy on a woman of any height but for me, even a skirt that hovers just above my knees can look inappropriate for work. Too much Skin is what I've always heard. In high school, the rule was that when our arms were at our sides, our bottoms needed to reach down to where our longest finger sat. I argued discrimination once as I was scolded when my skirt fell approximately 2 inches above my knees. A girl sitting a few rows away, who topped out at about 5'0 was flashing her butt cheek to everyone as she walked up front to sharpen her pencil. I suppose there is just to much skin on us taller folk. Oh the issues of living with long legs, and gorilla length arms. You know what they say, you always want what you can't have. I'm sure other girls would pine to have my height problems, while I've always wished that just once I could walk into a new room without being asked if I play basketball.

To help combat the ' trampy' vibe as I call it, I tend to stick to flats in the summer. As the weather continues to change though, the skirts become thicker ,and tights and leggings make their way out of my drawers. With an extra layer between my legs and the world, I suddenly feel more willing to venture back into the world of heels. Bring out the height. The seasons are a' changing!
Denim Shirt: Miley Cyrus for Walmart $5
White Tank Top: old
Skirt: Goodwill $3.50
Nude Heels: Micheal Kors via Marshall's $20
Necklace: Made by an amazing friend, from a Rock we found on vacation this past year


Cindy said...

I feel like I personally am always struggling with skirt length, not because I'm super tall but because I really don't love my legs and I always feel a bit conservative about showing them. I would kill for your legs though (: I think that 2 inches above your knees looks totally fine. Also, I love the skirt!

Pamela said...

There are things about the fall weather that also encourage me to have a nice hot cup of tea at night, too.

The skirt length you are wearing today is just perfection on you.

Jessica said...

You look beautiful in this skirt - the length is perfect! And your nude shoes make your legs look even longer - lucky girl! (Grass is always greener, right?)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Jilliebeanie said...

Denim Shirt - Miley Cyrus - $5 - !!!

I need to go to WalMart! Been lookin' for an inexpensive, denim shirt. I only have a sleeveless one. Hmm...that's sound really redneck, but I promise, it isn't.