Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wardrobe Storage

One thing I knew I was blessed with in my old apartment, was a large walk-in closet. This closet was the size of the small room, and allowed my clothes to spread out and breathe. When we first looked at our current house, I knew that I had been spoiled for quite some time at my old place, but was ready to make a much needed closet change. The Master Bedroom does come with a full closet, but I kindly gave it to Johnny, under the condition that our guest room could double as my Dressing Room. I know it seems silly, but the idea of having all of my clothes in their very own room excited me. Of course our guests will stay here as well, but most of the time this room will be overtaken by my wardrobe. Even with a full room to take-over, I still needed to make a major adjustment to how I stored my clothes. Not only did my old apartment have a big walk-in, but it had lots of hanging space. This room doesn't come with quite so much.

The guest room comes with 2 closets, each with one hanging bar. I tried to utilize just the bars for a week or two, but knew I needed to come up with an alternative solution. A few days ago I came across my new closet solution, a hanging bar. This bar hangs off of the current closet bar creating more hanging space. Now all of my skirts have a home on hangers, and having found this bar on clearance it took only $3 to give this closet some much needed space.
Even though the hanging space is precious, I knew I needed to make room for my extras. Two of my shoe racks fit perfectly into the closet, and here I can store the shoes I don't wear so often. On the floor I keep some of those shoes I wear more often, but don't necessarily want to be displayed for all of our guests. My capri's and shorts found a home on a hanging rack, and come fall they will be replaced probably by more sweaters and thicker scarves. Pant Hangers ( The ones with 4 slots), make a great keeper for my belts and scarves. I can lay my belts over each of the slots which helps to keep them separate, but doesn't force them to curl up. This way I can also see all of my options, and if I can't see it, I probably won't wear it.

When Johnny's mother gave us this old hutch, I knew it would be perfect for my lady items. A few well placed containers keep everything separate.

This antique dresser, another piece of furniture from Johnny's mom fits perfectly into my Ladies Dressing Room. I'm not used to storing my Jeans out of sight, but as the weather continues to climb they are becoming less and less of an option for me currently. When the cooler weather comes, I'll likely replace my hanging skirts with jeans and pants but for now they lay safe and sound in my Antique Dresser.
It's been fun to re-arrange, and re-fold and re-position to find just the right closet storage for me. When I first began unpacking boxes I was overwhelmed by how many items there were, and how little space but the more time I spend in this room, the more in love with it I become. A few more well placed decorations and I'm hopefully that my guests will feel just as welcome in this room. I was at first concerned that this room would be too girly for our male guests, but the truth of the matter is, for the majority of the time this room with function as a dressing room. This may be the room where the guests sleep, but this room doesn't belong to me, or to our guests. This room belongs to the wardrobe.

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