Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Heat Wave

It seems the Northeast is in the middle of a heat wave, which has left news reporters talking about a potential black-out, Air Conditioners working on overtime and Shopping Centers working over time. When I was a little girl, I used to wait all year for the hottest weeks of the summer. During these weeks everything seemed to move a little slower, and all rules seemed ready to be broken. We would spend hours playing ' Mother May I' through the sprinkler, taking turns as the boss, eating as many Freeze Pops as could fit in our bellies. My parents would hang sheet over the living room doors, and bring down the mattresses. We would spend days enjoying underwear only slumber parties in the encasement of the living room with all of the fans on high speed. Our Black Terrier dog was sent to the basement where we would take turns sitting in the cold cellar with her, so she wouldn't be bored and we could enjoy the brief escape. As an adult, I reminisce about afternoons in the sprinkler, but find myself with To-Do lists to get through, and projects to complete. There won't be time for ' Mother May I', ' Red Rover' or Basement Sitting this summer. Instead, I'll sit on my computer eating Freeze Pops ( you don't have to loose everything when you become an adult) and plan some great summer activities. Since Underwear parties are no longer appropriate, some summer outfits should be planned.

Floral Knit Top $12.80
Woven Stripped Skirt $12.80
Suedette Interlocked Sandals $16.80
Painted Wicker Cuff $6.80

Vintage Printed Dress $22.80
Fern Woven Flats $22.80
Two Faced Heart Necklace $5.80

Bonjour Paris Bike Tank $12.90
Linen Pleat Shorts $17.80
Frida Summer Flats $19.80
Prismatic Crystalline Necklace $10.80

What weather appropriate plans do you have for the Summer?

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