Friday, July 09, 2010

Amazing Finds

See that door in the right hand side of this image? The one that has all those empty boxes in front of it? That is our new home. See that window above the back door? That is the window to my new dressing room/ guest room. After a few days of unpacking, settling, arranging furniture and getting used to finding our toothbrushes in a different drawer we are finally moved into our new place. It's been a very excited and exhausting last few days and I'm excited to stop with the adjusting and start getting to the living part.
One of the best parts of unpacking, is that you get a chance to re-discover all of your stuff. Things that may have been hidden in the back of a closet are now out on a floor waiting to be re-discovered and hung. Things that used to hide in cabinets before are now piled on the counters waiting to be assigned to their new home. One of the most amazing re-discoveries we made last weekend was a box of Johnny's mothers jewelery. Apparently she had quite a thing for costume jewelery, and most of her great pieces have spent the last few years hiding in boxes that were in boxes. Not anymore! I spent some time sorting through our findings and seeing what could be salvaged, what could be displayed and what could be worn! I am now the proud owner of a number of new-to-me items, and I am almost overwhelmed with so many new choices!

The unbearable heat has made it hard to spend time organizing my new dressing room. With Air in almost every other part of the house, just walking into this back room is stifling. I am looking forward to a cooler weekend, and a chance to give all of my wardrobe items a more appropriate place. All of the clothes are hung, and all of the shoes in their racks, but it's time to start re-folding pants to better fit in new drawers, and to display necklaces in a more visual way. I can't help but to search through interior decorating websites, and google closet solutions to help discover the best concepts for our space. I hope to have some great organizing ideas, and some more amazing jewelry to share with you soon!

Dark Pink T-Shirt: Target $4
Grasshopper Shorts: Target $12
Polka Dot Flats: Old Navy $6
Giraffe Charm: Inherited from Johnny's Mother

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