Monday, June 28, 2010

Moving on Up

See the sliding glass door and patio right behind my right arm? That is the first apartment I ever had on my own. Two and a half years ago my roommate and I moved in after have quite the experience with some not-so-sophisticated landlords in our first apartment. We were ready for an apartment that would be a bit more adult, and a bit less frat house than our first apartment. We threw less parties here, and we had better furniture. We spent more time cooking, and getting dressed and less time doing shots. It was the next chapter in our lives, and the difference between 21 and 22. A year and a half ago my roommate moved out, ready to start the next chapter of her life in grad school. I started the very scary chapter of living on my own. I moved closets, re-arranged the furniture and bought curtains to keep the potential creeps from discovering that I lived on my own. I spent less time cleaning, because I had no-one to answer to, and I spent more time walking around naked, because I had no-one to answer to. Packing up my first apartment and moving into my my first home with Johnny is much more exciting than sad, but I can't help but to see the on-coming tears. I have been so excited about picking out furniture, and making our house a home, and a shared living space that I haven't had time to dwell on the closing chapter in my life. Being too busy preparing for the next has left my mind spinning, and let me with so many creative ideas, but locking my empty apartment for the last time will be extra bitter sweet.
I may have hated that may neighbors seemed to have taken to Irish Step Dancing practice each night around 2am, or that my maintenance men stupidly painted my door shut just a few days ago. I couldn't stand the woodpecker that a year ago seemed to be confused by my second bedroom window and spent a straight 45 days pecking on the glass each morning. I was overly irritated by my old plumbing that often leaves my neighbors noodles at the bottom of my sink. Being so close to the woods left my apartment with tons of spiders, and a random 3 month long infestation of slugs. But this ridiculous apartment in this tiny complex was all mine for a year and a half. I'm excited to leave this apartment and it's quirks behind, and I'm even more excited to find the new nuances of our new home.

My next two weeks will be filled with packing, and unpacking, and cleaning and re-arranging which will likely mean lots of t-shirts and shorts. I can't wait to discover new photo perfect corners of our new place, and to share some of my home decorating adventures.

Tank Top: Walmart $3.50
White Sweater: Hand-me-Down from a Friend
Denim Capri Pants: Maurices $20
'K' Necklace: Charm from Craft Store $2
Shoes: The Sunday Brunch

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Clare said...

Your move sounds so exciting, and I love the print on that tank top!!