Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Springtime Accessories

With the changing seasons comes the changing of my wardrobe. The change is gradual and always subconscious. Last season I found myself purchasing very preppy looking summertime items, and my mid0June realized that I was prepared for a trip on the Yacht for every day of the summer. Once Fall hit a desire for a boots and skirts look settled in and after stocking up on items from every thriftable store in my surrounding region, my closet was fully stocked with tights of every color, pattern and texture. It isn't until I can step back and see so many similar items that I often realize what direction I was headed in. This spring however, the direction I naturally wanted to lean toward this summer has become clear. I want a wardrobe full of dainty, whimsy. I have always paired my outfits with various necklaces, but with-in the last few weeks I find myself pining for all items with cute figures, subtle details and girly images. Luckily for me, my local Forever21 is moving to a new location this weekend, and with the move expanding their inventory. I can only hope that they will be expanding their accessory options, as their necklaces have me swooning this season.

Dangling Lion $5.80

Embroidered Heart $4.80

Adorable Fish $5.80

Happy Elephant $3.80

Mini Bow $3.80

Anchor $5.80

I just hope that my grand opening doesn't dissapoint because my online shopping bag is full of necklaces and I would prefer not to pay shipping :)

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