Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Jean Specifics

Let's get a few things out of the way and get down some Jean Specifics:
Height: 5'7 ( Tall enough to be in the Tall People of America club, but to short to be a model- Go Figure!)
Pants Size: I have legs and a butt, so I tend to wear a size 6
Inseam: I may be 5'7, but about 5' of that is leg. Okay I exaggerated, but I do have long legs. I always buy the longest jeans I can find ( Tall, or Extra Tall preferred!) with a preferred inseam of at least 34'.
My first job, was at a girls clothing store. At the age of 16, I had never before had a job and didn't have a car, but I was desperate to make some money so a school mate got me an interview and I was soon working at the local mall. I only picked the store because of my friend, but what I didn't know that I wouldn't just be making a few dollars each week, I would be gaining a ton of fashion knowledge. The particular store I worked for specialized in Jeans and carried Extra Short, Short, Regular, Tall and Extra Tall options for almost all of their styles. All of our weeknight shifts were spent trying on clothes, and folding jeans, and our weekend shifts were spent helping to shop for the customers. To this day it is still my favorite job, and the things I was able to learn about jeans is immense. I do not consider myself a Denim Expert, but I do consider myself a Denim Snob. After 3 years of always buying our great Tall Length jeans, and helping other people to shop for great denim options, I simply can not settle when it comes to jeans. The store closed a few years ago and I am still on the search for other great denim locations.

Do you have any early fashion/job experiences that still influence the way you shop? the way you dress? and the way you purchase items now?

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