Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Out on the Town

I didn't realize that I looked as exhausted as I felt when I took this pictures. Crap. This outfit was thrown together in an under 5 minutes sort of way. We went to dinner for a friend's birthday last Friday and followed that up with some drinks at a bar. I had planned on changing after work but being stuck there late left me with a literal 5 minutes between work and dinner. We were already running late so as I drove home for a quick change I ran through my closet in my head. I was quickly frustrated with my inability to decide on any outfit. It was the pressure of knowing that I needed to choose what to wear before I got home because there just wouldn't be time for dress-up. I walked in the apartment door with no ideas and limited options. I needed something that would work for dinner and drinks, and that could be put together easily. Enter my amazing Forever 21 Motorcycle Sweater.
I adore this sweater. It has saved the day on a number of occasions. In this instance I finally decided to find one great piece that could carry a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt. In the end this was the perfect choice. I was warm all night, covered enough for dinner and sleek enough for drinks.

I also threw on my amazing studded heels from Charlotte Russe. These were the second half of the New Years Sequined Heel purchase. They had a 'Buy 1 get one for $15' sale, and these were my $15 pair. I love these. I was comfortable for most of the night ( No heels are great after 4 hours of standing on a concrete bar floor) and they helped to add to the edgy look of the jacket. No-one seemed to notice my last minute throw together look, which made this one another wise fashion choice.
Short Sleeve Black Shirt: Target $4
Moto Sweater: Forever 21 $15
Jeans: Weathervane old $20
Heels: Charlotte Russe $15
Necklace: gifted from Johnny


Meli22 said...

love! jeans and matching top/heels is always so classy- I've seen it on different women, and it always looks great. LOVE THOSE SHOES!!!!!

hillary said...

I saw the coat and thought OOOH I like that then I realized I have it in royal blue! I want it in black it is quite cute!

overcaffeinated said...

I love that this is a moto sweater and not a leather jacket. Such a cute twist on a classic piece.

Those shoes are amazing!