Monday, January 04, 2010

Must Have Monday

Happy New Year! I know a lot of people are big on making resolutions each January. I on the other hand am big on making new lists. I tend to write out all of my thoughts so my purse is always full of little journals that list my groceries, budgets, my to-do, my calendar and always my lists of what I don't want to do anymore. To help myself get organized for the new year I always find a new calendar to get me started.

This daily planner on Amazon just made me smile. It's full of to do lists, to -don't lists, lists of people to forget, your standard calendar and stickers! This is a bigger ringed calendar and costs $59.98 on What a great way to keep your thoughts, lists, calendar and your not so great moments all in one place! is always a great place to find amazing handmade items. I stumbled across anArtfulAgenda who is an amazing Etsy seller. All of their items are so beautiful and all are handmade. Plus a portion of their proceeds goes to art education in schools! The daily planner above sells for $15. Each week has a new theme and each day features a special hand-drawn image.

They don't sell just planners either. They also offer blank journals like the diary shown above. They feature an image on each page. This diary retails for $12.

I couldn't help but to search out a great pocket calendar. The inside of most calendars is usually pretty standard. They do only have tiny spaces for writing under each date, but they are perfect for quick checks on your schedule, and for making doctor's appointments and such. This shoe themed calendar retails for $5.99 on

Looking for a larger wall calendar? How about a shoe a day? This calendar features a new shoe under each date! The images are amazing, and while you may not want to write over such pretty pictures this calendar is perfect for practical decoration. This one retails for $12.99 on
Happy 2010 Organizing!

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