Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Princess

I call this look, " Blair Waldorf takes on 5 inches of snow"
I knew we were in trouble when I woke up to silence. In December if you hear silence, it usually means that there is to much snow for the trees to make any noise, and there is still too much snow for the plows to do anything about. I woke up and walked out of my apartment to find this.

I started sleeting on my drive in and later turned to rain leaving our city looking like this.

I had planned on wearing my heeled oxfords, but when I realized how much snow had fallen I knew that boots were my best option.

I adore this shirt. It is thin and flowy, it is full of ruffles and it has a great plaid like pattern. This shirt was the perfect mix of Blair Waldorf style, and the 1950's secretary, and both are looks that I'm currently loving. This shirt has thin red lines running through it, or so I thought it did. After walking out of the house in my matching red tights I realized that the shirt has more of a maroon line, not red. The two colors were far enough away however that it didn't seem to matter much. No-one mentioned my color clashing catastrophe, and I wasn't about to clue them in. Some secrets are best left never said.

Shirt: Charlotte Russe $4
Black short-sleeve under shirt: Target $6
Black Skirt: Salvation Army $2
Red Tights: Walmart( pack of 2 for )$5
Boots: Target $35
Bracelet: Lia Sophia $20


~kristie~ said...

wow, that's a lot of snow...i live in cali so it's amazing to me that places are literally white come winter

lovely blog, hope you can stop by and check out and follow mine,

Leproust Vintage said...

ohhh I am so envious of all that snow! It is gorgeous! I love the pop of color that your tights give your outfit!