Monday, December 14, 2009

Irish Wool

Getting dressed during the cold months seems to come down to a few important criteria. Is it warm? Is it comfortable? Is it easy to layer? This sweater gets a big fat yes to all of those questions. It's hard to resist being comfortable when the weather is below freezing. I know that my body will be physically assaulted as soon as I walk out the front door, my hands will have a hard time gripping the cold steering wheel and just when my car warms up, I will be arriving to my destination and climbing back out into the cold. I am always on the hunt for chic warm options, as I hate to sacrifice style for warmth. When I saw this wool sweater out of the corner of my eye at Goodwill, I couldn't resist. I purchased it without trying it on ( something I never do) and ran home to hand wash it in my sink. It fits perfectly, ( luckily) and while I didn't purchase it at our local Irish Fair, no-one will be the wiser. I love the look of the hand knit sweater, and I just adore this sweater with my flat boots. This outfit was perfect for a Holiday party, and I have a feeling it will be getting a lot of wear before the sun starts to become a bigger part of each day.
Wool Sweater: Old Navy via Goodwill $4
Jeans: Pacsun $20
Belt: old
Necklace: Claire's $1
Boots: Charlotte Russe $10


Anonymous said...

Oh, you look great. Perfect against the snow!

Kristen said...

Man, you were born to wear Irish sweaters! Can't believe that's an Old Navy from Goodwill; it looks like the real thing.