Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hidden Secrets

This outfit was full of little secrets. Months ago I had plans to continue my outdoor pictures through-out the winter. What's a little snow? Now that the temperatures have dropped to below 20 degrees, I'm not so convinced. The bigger roadblock is the sun. Daylight Savings Time has left us with the sun going down around 4pm, and leaving me with no-light to take pictures in. Thus I must settle with indoor pictures. What I will not be giving up however is tights. I am just not able to allow a wind chill to force me into pants, so I had to get creative. This was my big attempt at tight layering. Under these great diagonal tights I am wearing a pair of leggings, and a pair of socks. I am happy to report that the look is relatively seem less, and this little secret will be getting me through the season.
This skirt is not exactually a secret, but it is an amazing treasure. While New Years Dress shopping with some friends, they spotted this skirt and agreed it looked very Kayla. It was still marked full price, which meant I would try it on, but wouldn't be purchasing it. The skirt won me over. I loved this skirt the minute I zipped it up. It's comfortable, it's cute and it fits right into my wardrobe. The perfect $23 find.

The other little treasure was my headband. I have been on the hunt for a great bow headband for what feels liks months now, but have had little luck. They are often too large, or look to childish on me. I did buy a pack of bow clips a few weeks back, but have had just as hard of a time working those in. Yesterday while brushing my teeth it hit me, why not put the clip on a plain headband?

Voila. My favorite of the hidden secrets. I loved the size of the bow. It stayed on the headband all day with no problem, and no-one was the wiser. I love innovation!

Shirt: Forever 21 $2.50
Skirt: Kohl's $23
Shoes: Payless $20
Headband: pack of 3 $5
Bows: Pack of 6 $4
Diagonal Tights: Kohl's $4
Necklace: Lia Sophia $20
Unseen leggings: Forever 21 $2
Unseen Socks: old


Anonymous said...

Love that color!

jenloveskev said...

I agree that blue color is just gorgeous on you!!