Monday, November 23, 2009

Style Minded

I took some time this weekend and re-organized my closet. Up until recently, my closet has been organized by color. I've tried a few different ways. For a while my closet was organized by sleeve length, but as I saw myself putting outfits together based on color I knew that a re-org was needed. Having my clothes organized by color helped me get dressed when I was thinking, " I bet orange would look great with this floral skirt". Recently however I have found myself thinking more in terms of style and less in color," I think adding a cardigan over this shirt would help make the two pop". As my mind-set was changing so must my closet. I decided to organized my closet based on style. I pulled everything out and started putting it in piles. A pile for sleeveless, a pile for button-downs, a pile for cardigans, a pile for patterned tees, a pile for plain long sleeve and so on. As I was putting everything back into my closet in their new respective spots, I was almost stunned by how much there was. Having stored everything by color for so long, I haven't had to look at certain pieces because I just knew that they were there. Knowing that they are there however, means they are living in the back of my head, and not in the fore-front where I tend to pull my outfits from. I decided to take the opportunity to clean-out as I cleaned up. I now have a pile of shirts that are on their way to a local consignment shop, and a number more to donate. I woke up feeling lighter. I am better able to sort through everything, and will hopefully make a few dollars off of some little worn items. Sometimes it take a little closet cleaning to help clean out your mind.

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