Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Special Dinner

We were only in Atlantic City for one night, and after a long day of shopping and spa treatments, my girlfriend and I were ready for a nice sit down dinner. The boys were still downstairs at the craps tables, so we got dressed, did our hair and makeup and headed down to collect them so we could head out to a fancy restaurant. After finding both of our respective men downstairs winning and enjoying themselves, we quickly realized that plans were changing. Dinner happened a few feet away at the buffet that night. It was good food, and the selection was huge. While conversation was limited, due to atmosphere and location, dinner was good and we were clearly the best dressed in the room.

I'm sad that this shirt doesn't photograph well. It is a great silky blue material that has an over layer of drappy sheer fabric. The look is great. The silky blue helps to hug to my curves while the sheer material drapes ever so lightly over top. I'm not sure if it was the top itself or the hotel lighting, but getting any good pictures just wasn't optional.

But try I did anyways...
Top: Charlotte Russe $5
Cardigan: old
Tank Top: Weathervane $6
Jeans: Seven via Marshall's $20
Shoes: Target via Goodwill $10

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