Thursday, October 08, 2009


Yesterday's weather was completely unpredictable. In the morning as I was headed to work it just down poured. An hour after I had arrived at work the sun had come out and the whole world seemed warm and dry again. As I left the for funeral the wind was blowing so hard I had a hard time keeping my car on the road, and forget the time I had spent on my hair that morning. As we stood outside at the cemetery the skies again opened up drenching all of the guests. And as I took my picture last night, the sky quickly darkened. My first photo was the one above. The one directly below was the photo right after. The sky just turned black, and while it never rained the wind blew outside like we were in Kansas.

I decided to attempt my try at a power suit. As a principle, I understand the style, but it is not a look I will likely ever embrace. There are too many great office looks that I can wear that doesn't include looking like every man in the room. I'm lucky I have options since many men, like Johnny are stuck in a suit and tie all day. To try the look, without conforming completely I decided to wear my navy jacket with my black pants. I'm breaking out of two style concepts with this one. I'm desperately trying to believe that neutrals do go together because, well they are neutral. Brown and Black can be side by side, and now so can Blue and Black. My patterned top helped to tie everything together since it had a bright blue band at the bottom.

My top also worked to make my shoes cohesive with the look. When I was sorting through my basic needs a few weeks ago, I discovered that I don't own any white shoes. I have a few pairs of beige but as for white or cream, well they just don't exist. My closet is so full of fun shoes, that it seems I may be lacking in some basics. When I saw these on clearance at Payless, I just couldn't resist. I was a little weary of their cork like heel, but am happy to discover that the heel adds just a touch of interest to an otherwise plain pair.

Shirt: Charlotte Russe $10
Jacket: Boys Blazer Goodwill $5
Necklace: Lia Sophia $15
Purple Shrug under Jacket: Urban Behavior $3
Pants: Express old
Shoes: Payless $6

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