Thursday, October 29, 2009

Matching the Scenery

* Sorry for the unecessary stink face*
During the fall months I tend to find myself dressing to match the scenery. It's when the leaves are changing and falling that I love to use nature as inspiration. When I scored this sweater at the H&M outlet while in Atlantic City, I was immediately drawn to it's mustard color. I'm finding this color more an dmore in my wardrobe, and I love the hint of calm it can bring. It just seemed like the perfect thing to wear before all of the leaves drop and are soon covered in a layer of white.

This necklace was also a find this past weekend. Claire's clearance has always been a source of great finds for me. In general, the jewelery store geared for a younger crowd is usually full of teeny boppers buying tons of neon pieces of plastic jewlery. Occassionally though, I can find some great things, and with the 10 items for $10 sale going on at the outlet, I was determined to get some finds. Mostly I was able to get some great things for Christmas gifts, but some of the 10 items were great for me too. This necklace looks antique, and I love that about it. It has a great brassy finish, and the main oval piece is actually a locket. This is sadly not metal, which means with every step it makes a funny plastic on plastic sound. Even still the look of this item is so retro that I just couldn't say know, and I plan on displaying it often dispite what sounds it makes.

As I spend most of my week in various colored tights, there are a few things I've learned. The biggest of which, is to make sure that when your colored tights are the same color family as your shoes and skirt, in this case brown, make sure all 3 are not the exact same color. I made the mistake weeks ago with a darker brown legging under a darker brown boot and I spent the whole day looking like a giant leotard. I won't be making that mistake again, and so today I grabbed the lighter brown boots.

Jacket: Forever 21 $15
Sweater: H&M outlet $6
Skirt: Old Navy $4
Tights: Kohls $4
Boots: Target $6
Necklace: Claire's $1


Meli22 said...

i dunno. wish I could see a pic to understand the giant leotard thing! supposedly the closer your shoes are to the color of the legs/leggings/pants/etc, the longer your legs look...

Kayla said...

I've heard that too, but I think that theory works against me because my legs are so stinking long to begin with. I have to be careful to not make them look even longer or I end up looking like I'm all leg!

eednic said...

super cute look! love your boots!