Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Archive

Halloween is one of my favorite time's of the year. I can really let my creativity flow. There is nothing better than coming up with an idea and figuring out how to piece it all together. Each year I try to stretch Halloween out for as long as I can, so last year I wore 3 different outfits.

Suprisingly, this was one of my favorite outfits. Our manufacturing facility, also has a retail shop attached. I decided for Halloween to dress as Andy, my favorite butcher. Andy had his 80th birthday last year, and arrives to work happy as can be each day. Getting the outfit together was easy, I wore an 'old man tie' ( yellow and oddly patterned) a button down shirt, khaki's and some old man slippers. The smock, apron, hat and gloves all came from work and were easily returned or thrown out. Andy enjoyed my impression of him so much! He told every single customer that came in that imitation is the sinceriest form of flattery.
My most creative costume, was also my biggest dissapointment. I went as a troll doll! I was so excited when I came up with the idea and quickly started my hunt for the necessary items. A nude leotard and tights helped to give me the illussion of being naked. The little heart jewel I simply pinned to my shirt. The biggest issue was my hair. Because my hair is so thin, as soon as we filled it with products it became to heavy to stay up, so a few well placed hair clips,and tons of colored hair spray later I was everyone's favorite toy from the 90's! Well apparently not everyones. No-one knew what I was. A few party goers thought that I was Eve (??) and even though I kept telling people, they had no idea what this 'Troll Doll 'was. Finally a good friend about half way through the night goes, ' Oh wait, are you that thing that we used to stick pencils up their butts?'. Apparently I was the only kid in town who had a collection of troll dolls displayed on my window sills. Lesson Learned

My girlfriends and I were headed to a party on the night after Halloween, and decided for our first year to dress with a theme. For some reason we have just always dressed as individual costumes, and I was so excited for last years theme, Disney Princess'! We all grew up in the 90's and our love of Disney animation will never go away. Each of us grew up with the dolls and the markers and the dresses so it was a great idea. Some of my friends bought their costumes, but I decided to piece mine together. I was Belle, from Beauty and the Beast and my favorite of the princesses.

I had purchased a vintage blue dress months prior with no real idea of what exactually to do with it. It was perfect for my costume so I hacked off about 12 inches and hemmed the bottom. Simply placed that over a button down white shirt ( the same from my butcher costume), added a black wig a bow and I was out the door! ( Our costumes from Left to Right: Snow White, Mulan, Pochahontas, Snow White and Belle) I was so comfortable all night, which was good because we spent most of the night singing Karaoke. Standing alone people had no idea what we were, but together the theme became obvious. Plus we all got to live out our secret dreams of being princess' for a night!
This year Johnny and I changed our costumes a little last minute, so while I'm prepared and have started hemming and adjusting we still have to do some shopping for him. Tonight will be spent scowering the store for the perfect items! Halloween only comes once a year, and it's the only time it's completely acceptable to be entirely inspired by someone or something so participate and have fun!

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