Thursday, September 24, 2009


It seems that the idea of menswear is becoming more and more talked about. For the most part I have dismissed the idea as not being right for me, and nothing more than a passing trend. I just can't picture myself wearing suits and ties and looking anything more than a copycat of my boyfriend. Menswear doesn't necessarily mean suits and ties though, and this outfit really made me re-consider my once firm opinions.
I never considered this vest a menswear option until a light bulb went off in my head. I love this button down shirt because of how well it flatters my female figure, and this vest I have just loved since day 1. Putting them together though just never crossed my mind, until I was rummaging through my closet. Don't you just love moments of inspiration? To keep the look from becoming too overwhelming, I wanted to add a touch of feminine. Adding cleavage always seems the perfect accessory to balance the look out, but my smaller figure leaves that as a non-option, and wearing this to work made it a never going to happen idea. Instead I decide to include a cascade of yellow beads and matching bracelet. I loved the addition of color and the little extra spark of lady.

These boots will never leave my top 5 list of favorite shoes. After months of drooling over images of Frye boots last year, Johnny surprised me with this pair for my birthday. I love the simple detailing on the side, and I love that they sass up any outfit. What I don't love is this weather. Living in the Northeast, we enjoy all 4 seasons. And with the exception of Winter into Spring, the weather changes very fast. One day it's hot, than chilly, one day its chilly than snowing. This fall has left me a little confused however. It is so cold in the morning that I dress for a crisp day. By mid afternoon though it is so hot I find myself stripping layers and turning on the air conditioning. This weather came quite unexpectedly, so when I brought out my boots for their first wear of the season, I had no idea that I would spend all afternoon with sweaty calves.

Button Down Shirt: Target $3
Vest: Weathervane $8
Skirt: Walmart
Boots: Frye *gifted
Necklace: Joyce Leslie $2
Bracelet: Joyce Leslie $5

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