Thursday, August 27, 2009

Iconic Styles: California Casual take 2

I had changed out of my first California Casual look pretty proud of what I had managed to pull together. Being Wednesday night I had big plans with my friends to watch a weeks worth of Big Brother episodes and I was anxious to change into some comfortable clothes before dinner. As I headed into my closet, I had to stop myself. If I really want to try something knew, I’m going to have to try it completely. I’m not trying these new looks to give myself something to blog about (though it does happen to be convenient,) I am really trying to see my wardrobe items differently. Just because I wasn’t headed to work didn’t mean I shouldn’t still continue the challenge. So I turned around headed back into my closet and tried to make another California Casual look from my mostly preppy wardrobe.

It seemed almost easy to start with my ripped jeans. My visions of Farrah Fawcett in her denim cut-off's was a great inspiration for the look, but was not appropriate for the office. For a quiet dinner with friends however, my favorite jeans would be a perfect update. After slipping on the jeans and this tee I couldn't decide what would be great accessories to go with. I had to keep in mind that I would be spending my night on the couch which means hanging jewels and loud bangles would not be a convenient option. This scarf caught the corner of my eye, and at first I shook my head. We are still in August and scarves are just not an option for this weather. But than I considered the option again. Why not? It's not as if my nice scarves are used to keep my neck warm, I love them because of the element they bring to an outfit, and this is no different.
With an orange tee and a brown, green and purple scarf already decided on I headed towards my shoes. To stick with the style I wanted to find some great dressy shoes. Remembering that they would only be used to get me from apartment to car and into another apartment, I decided heels were impractical. I would take them off upon entering their house and with handfuls of food to carry in they just wouldn't make sense. My navy blue polka dot flats were a great decision. They were comfortable which I think is a big part of the California Casual look and yet they were sweet and could easily be dressed up.

With my navy shoes on foot I headed back to my closet. The outfit was missing something. I just didn't feel ready to be photographed by the paparazzi, as I assume most California Casual icons of today would be. This jacket was exactly what the outfit needed. I picked up this little boys tuxedo jacket a number of months ago from the Goodwill. The shoulders are a little tight, which makes it hard to lift my hands above my head. Luckily I wasn't doing much exercising while we caught up on our favorite addiction, so the jacket added warmth and helped to keep the look dressy.
Evaluation: I absolutely loved this look. It didn't take me long to put it together, which really made me feel like I was already getting the swing of things. By combining the detailed shirt with a scarf of a different color, I think I kept the outfit interesting which was something I was worried about with California Casual in the beginning. Dressing up a t-shirt isn't hard to do. Making a t-shirt and flats look dressy and interesting can be difficult. I really felt not only comfortable in this outfit but comfortable with my appearance in this outfit. I can definitely rock the California Casual style.

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