Monday, April 13, 2009

Tagged Random Facts

The lovely ladies at academichic, my favorite site ( tagged me to write 7 random facts about me. I started writting and realized that there are a lot of things that you would never know by reading my blog. As per usual, I started writting and couldn't stop. It's a problem some people wish they had, but trust me, it is a lot harder to try to cut information out of a paper than to fluff in some more information. So here, ladies and gentlemen I present you with my 15 random facts:

1. I am and have always been Christian. I’ve attended a few Jewish Services including a Jewish Funeral. Many of my co-workers are Jewish and in being employed here I have learned a lot about the religion. All things theology aside, I’ve learned about the holidays and the foods. I’ve tried tons of foods that are common in the Jewish community. I now say “Oy Vey Ashmire” like a champ and as we speak I am enjoying Matzo Ball soup. A very tasty homemade treat.

2. In line with being willing to try new things, I started Golfing last season. My boyfriend is a huge golfer and I was interested in learning more about his favorite sport. Combined with JT and the promise of cute skirts and polo’s I was sold on the idea. I really enjoyed the few times I got to go last season and can’t wait to start again in the spring. Especially since I got my own set of purple golf clubs for Christmas!

3. While I’m busy golfing this spring here in the State my Marine sister will be busy with my little niece over seas. McKenna is my first niece and the first grandchild for my parents, a fact that scares them slightly. Being an Aunt is an exciting change in my life but I am eager to share in the life of the little baby. I just hope I will be able to see her before she turns two, the age she will be when my sister discharges from the Marines. I want to be a familiar figure in the baby’s life and will do that with pictures, emails and phone calls until Brittany and the baby can come home.

4. I’m in my second semester of Nursing School and wish I had been further along when Brittany found out about her little surprise. I would be better able to make her feel at ease with all of the medical procedures she’s been going through. In the future I’d like to be a school nurse, or to work in a Homeless Shelter providing care for those who can’t afford it. In the present, I’m just worried about getting through school first.

5. I’ve had an undying love for fashion for as long as I can remember. It’s not just about the runways, and it’s not just about the art of clothes. For me it is about a certain confidence that can be attained by simply getting dressed. I love pushing the envelope a little bit without being deemed outside of the box. I love finding old pieces that have been sitting in my closet for months. I love the challenge of getting dressed without simply throwing on whatever, although there are plenty of days when I do just that. Frankly, I love making it work.

6. My love of fashion and writing led me to my blog. I had read a number of fashion blogs and found myself signing up for one of my own about 3 months ago. I’ve been addicted to the blog world ever since. I don’t advertise my blog. I really enjoy writing in it and at often times during the day thinking of what topics I can talk about next. I love writing and always have, I love clothes and I love real life. It is in my blog that I can combine all three of those things.

7. My love of writing stems from my love of reading. As a child I threw a fit refusing to go back to school after my first day of Kindergarten. They hadn’t taught me to read and as far as I was concerned that was the only reason to go to school. All these years later I can always be caught with a book in my purse. My bookshelves are full and there are always a few books sitting waiting to be read. I made the commitment to not stop reading once I started school. It’s important to read about anatomy too but sometimes a great non-fiction book or an even better chic-lit is exact ally what I need to unwind.

8. My ideal job would be to be the First Lady. I would hold my position to a great level of respect. I would rule like Eleanor with the style of Jackie.

9. I don’t have any credit cards. Well none that I use. There is a very good reason for that too. I’m smart enough to make the conscious decision to not have any credit cards that I carry because that cute pair of shoes will be mine months before I can actually afford them. That’s part of the reason why my credit, considering my students loans is pretty reasonable at the age of 22 and with a huge shopping addiction.

10. It’s that addiction that has lead to my love of shoes. Over 40 pairs in fact. My current dilemma is trying to house them all. Each pair has been worn and on a regular basis. I always switch out my shoes and any piece of clothing or pair of shoes that doesn’t get worn for more than 3 months gets promptly put in a bag for my sisters to rummage through. They both love and appreciate me for that fact.

11. Josh Blue has some of my heart. Ryan Reynolds has some of my heart. John Thomas has all of my heart.

12. I used to collect crayons. Crayola was my love as a child. I loved coloring and so I gathered crayons and begged my mom for new ones everywhere we went. I loved the “expensive” crayons that came with a special sharpener in the back. My crayons were always in order by color. Every crayon a place and every crayon a task. I wrote a speech about my crayon collection in Elementary school. I cam in second place in the contest and got to read my speech in front of the whole school during assembly.

13. Public speaking has never been a problem of mine, probably partially related to my ability to speak to anyone. I’m not shy plain and simple. Even still my palms get sweaty and my knees get a little shaky even if I’m just raising my hand in class to talk. Speaking in front of people doesn’t scare me. Messing it up does.

14. I would love to live in the city. I would love to visit Rome and Greece. I want to wake up in Paris and shop by the Eiffel tower. I want to go to at least one major runway show. I want to see my picture on Page 6 under the fashion column. I have big dreams of traveling and no budget, or time for that to be a reality.

15. I love Reality TV. I enjoy all of the drama MTV and VH1 have to offer. I appreciate everything informative on Discovery Heath and learn a ton about design from HGTV. I laugh at the families on TLC and I feel sorrow for the teams on ESPN. I am a product of the twenty-first century. I love me some Reality TV.

I loved reading about A. S. and E. and I enjoyed thinking about my little habbits and quirks. I tag anyone who reads this! It is quite relaxing, and insightful to spend a few moments thinking about you! Specifically I would love to read more about these ladies. I visit their blogs so often, and can tell you all about their wardrobes, but would love to learn alittle bit more about their fashionable lives.

Africana in Atlanta : Bare Peppermint : Domesticated Sophisticate : Fashion Therapist : Fab finds under $50 : Christina's Favorite Things : and you!!

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chic said...

What a great list, it was fun to learn more about you! I can especially relate to #7, because I've also been a life-long book lover and I also carry a book in my purse more often than not so that I can read a bit more while waiting for the bus or in line somewhere. And I also try to keep reading for pleasure even while the "school" reading piles up.

Thanks for doing our tag! S.

nic said...

That was a fun list to read! Thanks for tagging us - we've done a few of these just last week, so I'm afraid we might get redundant, but I'll try to come up with something new!

Fashion Therapist said...

Oooh thanks I'm doing these now!